Care Instructions

The clothing at Risky Business is designed and made with care and passion, and we want you to enjoy these items for as long as possible. However, some of our items need a bit more looking after. The use of materials like leather & faux leather, chains, studs, spikes, handpainted pieces... the washing machine doesn't always match well with this. Please always check the Care Instructions written in the description of each product. Any further questions? Feel free to contact us.

Here are some general 'rules' to follow:

★ Studs - Most washing machines don't like studs. To protect your machine and the garment, put in a delicated bag and wash on delicate cold cycle.

★ Chains - If possible, detach any chains before washing. The chains I use are heavy duty and can seriously damage your washing machine, so I will always recommend handwashing.

★ O-Rings - Detach if possible, otherwise put in a delicated bag on delicate cold cycle.

★ Spikes - Spikes have a screw-back that can loosen over time. Always check and screw tight after each couple wears. As for washing - I recommend hand was only to protect washing machine and garment.

★ Leather - Don't wash leather! Wipe the surface with water and a mild soap to clean, don't rub or wring.

★ Faux Leather - Wash in a delicates bag, on cold delicate setting.

★ Handpainted - Our handpainted items are coated with a special paint coating to make them waterproof. However, to ensure longevity keep washes at a minimal, and only handwash cold with very mild detergent. Dont wring or rub.

Note: None of the items should be ironed or tumble dried!